NHL betting is the often forgotten land of opportunity in the world of gambling. Along with the NFL, NBA and MLB, hockey is the fourth major. Here are some tips to get you started with hockey betting.


Betting options for hockey are the same as other sports. Let’s use an example to get you acclimated:

betting example for NHL hoceky


Moneyline – Unlike most sports, the moneyline tends to be the preferred bet type for gamblers. Using the example listed above, you could win $118 on Pittsburgh by wagering $100. Inversely, you’d have to wager $138 on Tampa Bay in order to win $100.

Puckline/Spread – The puckline is the name given to the point spread in hockey. Almost all games will be set at +/- 1.5 goals to win. Scoring in hockey can be rampant in any given season, but the average scoring differential in a hockey game is less than a goal. Only seasoned veterans should be exploring the puckline as a viable NHL betting option.

Over/Under – The total for hockey games is usually set at around 5.5 for the number of goals scored in a game. You can usually tell which one is more likely by the odds. In the above example, the oddsmakers expect a higher scoring game and are giving the over slightly better odds.

Parlay – As with all other sports, you can link multiple outcomes together for a bigger payout while taking on a greater risk. You can tie together moneyline winners, puckline covers or total bets in a parlay. The more events you link together increases both the difficulty and the reward for the bet.


Oddsmakers tend to be lazy with NHL betting lines because the market doesn’t tend to comprise a large enough amount of action. This is especially true when it comes to the TOTAL, so keep your eyes out for high scoring teams and a low hanging over/under.

  • The key to betting on hockey is embracing the marathon. It is an 82-game season with lots of games every night. Start by focusing on a small handful of teams and tracking their success against the moneyline so you can introduce yourself to the game. As always, know your limits.
  • Check on the results daily. This can be a pain staking part of the process, but tracking NHL results on a regular basis will give you insights that the oddsmakers might overlook. Streaking teams can be a gold mine in hockey, as well as teams that show resolve when travelling.
  • Star skaters don’t usually offset the overall value of a team, but a hot goaltender can absolutely change the tide. If there’s a new name in the crease that’s making waves, be sure to anchor your bets around him.